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5:30 - 6:30 pm

Session II (2019): Dates & Fees TBA!


AKEEP’s Community KSL (Korean as a Second Language) Class is the perfect course for non-Korean speakers and beginner Korean speakers to build a solid foundation of the Korean language in order to continue your learning journey after class. Our course is led by native-Korean Teaching Assistants and advanced-Korean learners to help ensure that you receive authentic education.

A-KEEP’s Community KSL courses is designed to focus on building fundamental skills to help you:

  • Identify and differentiate the Korean language from other East Asian languages

  • Read, write, and pronounce the Korean alphabet

  • Practice customary greetings and introductory phrases

  • Use “formulaic” Korean grammar structures to build vocabulary and grammar skills

The class will introduce teen and adults to Korean language and culture once a week for 15 weeks (13 weeks of instruction, including an orientation and graduation ceremony.


I’m taking this course to break the ice with my Korean-speaking coworkers.
— Nick Palmer, Community KSL Student and Hyundai employee


Program Details


Christa Springs

Phone: 334-625-8515



Teens and adults

Students do not need nor are expected to have any prior knowledge in Korean language or culture, but should have a willingness to learn and explore!


RSA Union Building, Suite 732

100 N. Union St.

Montgomery, AL 36104

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