Elisabeth Newell

BUD Club Sponsor

Montgomery, Alabama

Connect with Elisabeth

Email: info.bud@akeep.org

Areas of Expertise

Special Education Teacher and Advocacy for Special Needs



With extreme passion and dedication, Elisabeth Newell is our BUD Club Sponsor. She is a special education teacher with Montgomery Public Schools, specializing in helping children find their voice in a language-centered special education classroom. She has worked at Wilson Elementary School since 2009 and before that she was an inclusion teacher.

Elisabeth has a reputation for doing tasks with 110% effort and her dedication to the BUD Club is no exception. While she specializes with children in an elementary setting, she has had a huge impact on the high schoolers in our club.  Elisabeth Newell graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Special Education, a Master’s Degree in Collaborative K-6 and an Education Specialist Degree as well in Collaborative K-6.

Elisabeth is a mom of three little ones. Bailey is her oldest, age 9, Mackenzie, age 7 and Tyler, age 4. When she is not working or tending to her many “other” commitments, she can be found camping and making her kids lives full of memorable experiences. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Jerry and they have been married for over 20 years. She is active in the community with various programs and extra-curricular events as they benefit children with special needs.  With a young family and a full list of commitments, she is regarded as an expert in her field and a mentor to many colleagues. Her drive to live life and leave a loving mark on all that she encounters is truly what we see.