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"The Soul of Clay and Fire" Korean Ceramics Exhibition & Sale

  • RSA Alabama Center for Commerce 401 Adams Avenue Montgomery, AL, 36104 United States (map)

Restoring the Lost Art of

NokJa Pottery

September 10-13th 2019 | 8 am - 5 pm | FREE ENTRY

At the RSA Alabama Center for Commerce

Exhibition Room, Court of Flag, 401 Adams Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104 (see map below)

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NokJa is the traditional earthen pottery made with natural glazes, elm ashes, and baked in a kiln using pine firewood. It was developed for practical daily use among the common people of Korea. Just as white rice was preferred by the wealthy, while the healthier multi-grain rice, being less expensive, was a staple of the common people, so too we have learned that NokJa pottery has benefits over the white celadon pottery used by the wealthy. If greasy food is put in NokJa, it is easily cleaned with just water. If you heat NokJa in the microwave, it is still cool to the touch. NokJa is such a unique form of ceramic ware that when water is placed inside, the water will be purified!

The master artist bringing NokJa to Alabama for the first time is Master Dobong Chan-Ki Seo. Master Seo inherited the mastery of NokJa from his father, Master BangGok DongGyu Seo, a Korean Living Provincial Treasure. From the time that Master Chan-Ki Seo entered BangGok Kiln in 1994, he has been the recipient of multiple awards nationally and abroad, including the National Reconciliation Award in South Korea. Master Seo has also received the certificate of intangible cultural property No. 10 of Chungbuk and is in the process of being declared a Korean Living Provincial Treasure like his father.

Join us at the RSA Alabama Center for Commerce for a unique chance to hold history in your hands.

Learn about this timeless art from Master Seo himself!

Purchase from Master Seo’s wares collection of art and take home your own piece of Korea.

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