After-School Programs

Camp K-Pop & KSL Classes

Program Fee

$45 per session, each session is 9 weeks

Classes are offered once a week on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Session I: September 17 - November 12

Session II: November 26 - February 4

Session III: February 12 - April 15


A-KEEP is now offering dynamic after-school programs at select schools during the regular school year. Classes introduce 5th - 8th grade students to Korean language, history and culture, including K-pop dance.

Each class is one hour, exact times vary per school.


My daughter was so happy in the program and had a blast. Means a lot to a parent.
— Tera Duvernay, KSL Parent


Why Should Your Student Learn Korean?

A-KEEP’s KSL After-School Program offers students a chance to learn Korean, a critical language, that will help them improve cultural awareness and appreciation, heighten their cognitive skills and boost government job opportunities!

We hope that by learning Korean, students will broaden their perspectives and take advantage of the education, cultural and career opportunities in Montgomery and beyond. The KSL After-School Program not only offers language learning, but also cultural integration and access to the world.


Program Details


5th - 8th grade students

Students do not need nor are expected to have any prior knowledge in Korean language or culture, but should have a willingness to learn and explore!


Various public or private schools in Montgomery and Pike Road


Nam Jung Kim

Phone: 334-578-0851



Bring KSL To You

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