We take direct action to bridge divisions in the community, schools and workplace that stem from ignorance, miscommunication and poor quality of life due to lack of diversified opportunities.

Together, we can make a lasting impact on our community.


The Need

A-KEEP implores policymakers, educators and problem solvers to expand leadership in classrooms, workplaces and communities to ensure Alabamians and Alabama’s migrant communities are supplied with resources needed to fulfill their potential.

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STEM & KSL Education


Community Building


Economic Opportunity

The challenges our communities face are deep-seated but as pioneers of progress, A-KEEP will continue exploring opportunities for growth. Effective change will require:

Education that ignites educators and empowers students

Economic opportunities that strengthen and elevate communities

Cultural exposure that inspires creativity and expands perspectives

Our Services

Translation and Interpretation

A-KEEP provides Korean and English language translation and interpretation services for individuals, organizations and entities. We are proud to offer services for those with developmental disabilities and their families.

Consultation, Recruitment & Diversity Training

We developed this service to provide high-quality candidate search, on-boarding and diversity training for Korean and Alabama businesses in the Southeast seeking to employ local talent.

Teaching Certificate Conversion

We’ve partnered with the Alabama State Department of Education to allow qualified professionals with backgrounds in education to convert their foreign post-secondary certificates to an Alabama teaching certificate.