Our Mission

A-KEEP’s mission is to provide multicultural diversity education programs to the students and professionals of both Alabama and Korea. Our secondary mission is to act as a Global Partnership Facilitator by bridging the differences between institutions and corporations of Alabama and Korea for local economic prosperity. A-KEEP enables students, professionals, organization and corporations of Alabama and Korea to take full advantage of the opportunities of growing economic ties between the two regions, which are accomplished through A-KEEP’s leadership programs and facilitation efforts.


Profound learning experiences for all

Our Values

CKC students

Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness

Guiding Principle

We believe that our work is enriched when we embrace the varied experiences and perspectives of our staff, board and the communities we serve.

In Action

We seek opportunities to encourage inclusiveness and keep our ears open to gauge how we may better accomplish dynamic change, especially for those underserved individuals.



Guiding Principle

We believe that when great minds come together, we can achieve more than what is possible alone.

In Action

We energize community building by working together and connecting with the greater society at large. Our programs, services and engagement activities work to develop mutually beneficial learning experiences, bring forth solutions, and challenge ourselves to achieve excellence.


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Transparency and Integrity

Guiding Principle

We are passionate about our mission and honor it by holding ourselves to a high standard of professionalism and accountability at all levels of our internal activities, external communications and the organizations or individuals we align ourselves with.

In Action

As an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit organization, we have a responsibility to be transparent with our stakeholders and the public. As such, we acknowledge our limitations, make appropriate information available and act with good intentions. We listen actively, respond thoughtfully and refer to past outcomes to inform our future decisions.


Visionary Leadership

Guiding Principle

We believe leadership takes courage and adaptability. Both are necessary to move communities forward with purpose and meet the ever-changing needs of those served under our mission.

In Action

Our leadership is calculated yet fearless in its pursuit of ambitious goals that provide educational, economic, and cultural betterment for all. As thought leaders and a global partnership facilitator, we aspire to give groups and individuals the tools they need for cross-cultural engagement, inspire creativity and disrupt the status quo for transformational change.

Holding the Alabama flag