Consultation, Recruitment & Diversity Training


As a Global Partnership Facilitator, A-KEEP works to help existing and potential leaders of Alabama and South Korea advance economic opportunities by introducing them to exponential possibilities available through partnerships.


A-KEEP has developed a high-quality consultation and a recruitment service to search for, recruit and place qualified talent with Korean or Alabama businesses.

Cultural Training

Due to cultural misunderstandings, companies with local and international employees may see conflicts arise. We work to alleviate these misunderstandings through cultural training for Alabama-based companies through multicultural diversity education.

Why Choose A-KEEP?

As the only nonprofit organization of its kind in Alabama, A-KEEP has a unique understanding of both U.S. and Korean cultures and the opportunities presented by partnerships between both regions. In our role as a global leadership facilitator, A-KEEP works to provide multicultural diversity education and leadership training to bridge the differences between individuals, institutions and corporations of Alabama and Korea for economic prosperity.

The impact Korean businesses and families have had on the River Region and surrounding areas has introduced tremendous economic opportunity for Alabama and its native citizens, which should not be harmed by cultural misunderstandings.

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